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Saturday, May 21, 2005

The First Test Batches

Test batch
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No, this is not Singapore (yet), but we needed to get some brewing going on, so I took a trip up to Seattle. I was lucky enough to be able to brew three test batches at the Elysian Brewing's Tangletown location. The Elysian's owners and crew really know how to help a brother out. Tangletown has a small 3 barrel brewery (just perfect for what we needed) and since they have another brewery across town as well, they had room for our three test brews. This was the first time Dick and I had brewed together since we had both worked at Pike Place Brewing over ten years ago. It was like no time at all had past, it was great fun. We brewed a California Pale ale (or a hoppy blonde ale if you prefer), a Belgian style Wit beer (with secret Asian spices), and a traditional English Pale Ale. All the brews ended up right on the numbers despite our recalculations and on the fly adjustments. Most of the beers will be shipped out to Singapore for sampling and focus group evaluations, but a keg or two might end up on tap at the Elysian or Tangletown - so if you are in Seattle sometime in late June keep an eye out for them .


At 6:25 PM, Blogger Gary Spedding, Ph.D. said...

Good to see that one of the best US Craft Brewers is brewing in Singapore. Others may have been brewing before you but I doubt any have been better! Keep on brewing F.


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