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Monday, May 19, 2008

SoCal & the Fish Taco

Offer - The Huge Fish Taco, complete with guacamole, from La Posta (on 3rd in SD)

Jenny goes in for another bite - still only about a third of the way into her fish taco

just too big - Christopher has to come in as a closer to finish it off

If Southern California was its own country (and it should at least be its own state - and I mean that in a good way) the fish taco would be the national dish. Loved by surfers, skater grommets, businessmen and moms alike it fairly screams Southern California. So I was in San Diego a few weeks back for the Craft Brewers Conference and World Beer Cup (more on that later) one of my main missions was to have as much authentic Mexican food as possible (or at least as much authentic SoCal Mexican food as possible). Our friend Tom Nickle (owner of O'brien's Pub - recommended a very small street corner joint near by and off we went. The thing about all food (at least for myself and most of my friends) is the more authentic the better - and sometimes that means you gotta search a little harder and look a little further.

Some times you have to look past the 1960's Naugahyde and the chipped asbestos floor tiles or past the the paper plate or aluminium foil presentation and maybe even past the worn out tank top and flip flops of the person cooking. Never mind all that - don't be distracted by looks, the taste is what we are looking for. (and being a good bargain can help one look past minor defaults in presentation). I have found it to be true in most places; the best food is usually not in the nicest restaurants.

There's really not any great Mexican food in Singapore, there's maybe a few above average places (Cafe Iguana is pretty good) but there is nothing like in California. No burrito wagons on the corner, no late night Taco stands - and nothing like the El Centro Nuevo in SF, or like La Posta or Ortega's in SD, or Babita in LA. So when I am in California that's what I want to eat. Luckily it's not hard to find. Now, the decision; "I'll have a Bohemian and ...." Carnitas, Tamales, Carne Asada or the Fish Taco ?? It's so hard to discide - I Better plan on coming back tomorrow.


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