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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Still not in Singapore

No, I'm still not in Singapore, but I'm working on it. You may ask yourself "what the hell does that boy do all day ?"

Well, I am working on designing the brewing equipment and currently I am caught up in a discussion about material specifications - here is a little excerpt for you ...

"With concerns over corrosion arising from the chloride / free chlorine content in Singapore's water, the piping, vessels, and material used for the processes should be stainless steel of 316L or equivalent to 1.4404 /1.4435. And although both 1.4404 and 1.4435 are classified as SS 316L, the difference is 1.4435 has 12% nickel (1% higher) and 2.5% molybdenum (0.5% higher). It is now more common to use 1.4404 for pipes and vessels. The finishing required on the materials is a matt finish (or a 2B finish).

For heating elements in the vessels like heat exchanger's shell tubes and etc, the stainless steel specification should be 316TI or 1.4571 as these are subject to high temperatures and thermal shocks. For bolts to secure the suspension subjected to vibration like the spray rings or thermal shock; or to secure the heat exchanger, then A4 bolts shall be used instead of normal A2 bolts."

Exciting stuff. I know you all are enthralled by this discussion and I will keep you posted on the specifications of the actual materials finally approved .


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