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Monday, July 31, 2006

The Beers

For those of you not familiar with our brand concept or beers, I list here a brief discription. (Picture - Our team in 1930's attire)

Archipelago Brewery Company was first established in Singapore in 1931 by German brewery Beck’s. In 1939 the brewery was seized by the British government as enemy property. In 1941 the brewery was sold to Malayan Breweries , which today is Asia Pacific Breweries.

Capturing the romance, adventure and craftsmanship of the original brewery, the new Archipelago Brewery Company will brew bespoke craft beers combining the best of the beer brewing traditions from the west, with the flavours and spices of the east. The brew master will creating unique and flavourful beers to match perfectly with the lifestyle, weather and food of the Malayan Archipelago.

Traditionally Brewed and Uniquely Archipelago

Archipelago Traveller’s Wheat

This wheat beer is refreshing, with a distinctive character and flavour. Working in the tradition of Belgian craft brewing, Archipelago’s Brewmaster has introduced some unique, Asian touches to this beer. He blended in Assam(tamarind)and lemon grass, with a hint of ginger, coriander and Chinese orange peel. All this creates a beer of unique refreshing character

Archipelago Traveller’s Wheat is enjoyed when paired with any food that is sour and spicy, especially those that contain Asian spices. Perfect with Assam Fish, Thai Vermicelli, Salads, Mussels, Top Shell, or Pepper Crab.

Archipelago Trader’s Ale

This is a very special ale, perfect for gatherings with friends and family, over a good meal or after a long day. Archipelago’s Brewmaster has blended special malts, hops, and a touch of Gula Melaka (palm sugar) and ginger to create this luxurious brew, which is creamy, smooth, enjoyable and satisfying till the last drop.

Archipelago Trader’s Ale is best paired with roasted meats or food cooked in brown sauce, such as Suckling Pig, Roasted Squid, Peking Duck, Satay and Rice Dumplings (Bak Zhang)and beer Randang.

Archipelago Straits Pale

This Beer is a real thirst quencher, crisp, clean and satisfying, making it a perfect choice for the tropical weather in Singapore. It is brewed in the American Pale Ale style with imported American hops for a refreshing crisp flavour with a smooth, round body that is enjoyable anytime.

Archipelago Straits Pale perfectly complements dishes such as Thai Green Curry, sea food, shell fish, Indian curries, Tandooris.


At 5:38 PM, Blogger Trent said...

I would like to complement you on the Trader's Brown Ale. I think it may be Ginger - the flavor made me feel like I was at a hawker center in Singapore. Very nice!


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