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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

iBrew, there 4 I am

For those that made their way down to the East Coast Park for the annual iBrew Challenge it was all fun. There were a lot of good beers and food to try, and a lot of shooting the breeze (or in Singlish - talking cock). We played beer games, had a lucky draw give away and an all around good time. It was a beautiful day at the park and it was really nice to have a chance to meet and talk to so many brewers while sampling more than 10 different types of home-crafted beers. The free flow beers included (to the best of my memory); a German wheat beer, a Bavarian lager, a pilsner, two English bitters, a stout, a hoppy Real Ale, two IPAs, and a pale ale. It's great to see a growing interest in home brewing and sponsor Raymond Lee of iBrew reported that there were upwards of one thousand home brewers in Singapore now.

The ibrew challenge had more than 40 entries - there were first and second places awarded in the Ale and the Lager categories. The winning beers were quite good and over all the general quality of all the beers entered seemed to be improved over last year's iBrew challenge (although last year's winners were also very good), This is a good trend as it means interest in home brewing is growing and those who are brewing are talking more to each other, sharing their knowledge and the general overall understanding of beer and brewing is expanding.
For more information about The iBrew Challenge or Home Brewing go to the forum at

Thanks again to Raymond Lee of iBrew for being The Organizer of such a fun event


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