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Monday, February 05, 2007

Big Brew Day

Our friends over in Indonesia at the Dragon Brewery moved locations recently. You may recall that the owner of the Dragon brewery (Tan Munj Tai) was kind enough to let me brew a few test batches at his brewery back in 2005 (see the December 2005 & January of 2006 posts) and we have developed a good friendship over the past year.

So when Mr. Tan called me and said he needed some help I was glad to see what I could do. We met at The Archipelago Pub (79 Circular Rd, near Boat Quay) and he told me he needed a temporary brewer. My contract forbids me from working for anyone else but it doesn’t say I can’t help out for free. Still I didn’t want to violate my contract but I did want to help out, so I called up my friend Tony to see if he might be interested. Tony is an all grain home brewer here in Singapore and he was excited about the chance to brew on a larger system. Our friend Bill (another of Singapore’s active homebrewers) wanted to join in and we were glad to have him along. So the three of us headed over for a day a brewing, beer and Makan (eating).
Tony, Bill and Chandra (the assistant brewer at Dragon Brewery) did the actual brewing, I mostly just drank beer, ate copious amounts of great food and gave the occasional suggestion.

Now, I could tell you all about our big day brewing at the new location but Bill has done a far better job than I can (plus he has some good pictures)
Look to Bill’s sight (“Bill’s Beer adventures” listed to the right) or follow the link below

Click on “Big Brew Day”

Take it away Bill ........


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