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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The iBrew Challange

Yes, the iBrew Challenge this year was WET (the photo left was taken early on - before the really rain started). Really three words better describe the day - wet, muddy and fun. August 23rd started off nice enough but by 12:00 is was raining rather hard, so hard in fact that most of the ECP was flodded. But that did not deter most of the iBrew fans. Despite the rain and occasional heavy down pours it was a great day of celebrating beer and brewing. There was (of course) a home brew competition (the winners of which get to enter their beers in the Asia Beer Awards* - Asia's first craft beer competition). There was free flow of many delicious home made beers to try, combined with some tasty makan, a couple of beer games, prizes, a lucky draw, music, and a lot of happy people. Did I mention we had free flow of delicious home crafted beers. (and with enough free flow of delicious beers - who needs dry cloths or shoes -

So if you missed it this year - you'll just have to wait until next year.

For more information about The iBrew Challenge or Home Brewing go to the forum at
Cheers again to Raymond Lee of iBrew for being The Organizer of such a fun event.


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