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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Queen and Mangosteen

We have a new place - ahhh, well - it (like the other ones in town) is not really our place. We have a strategic alliance with all of them - we supply the beer (and beer delivery systems) and aid in concept development (and some implementation) and then - Presto ! We have a new Archipelago beer outlet !

The new location is a partnership between the folks that own and operate the Highlander (and The Pump Room) and Archipelago. It is called the Queen and
Mangosteen and it is perched on the waters edge at Vivo City, and the view of the harbor is great. The Queen & Mangosteen (or Q & M for short) is a British Gastro pub with Asian accents. The food is delicious and the service is friendly and very good - and the beers, well, they are just nice (as they like to say here in Singapore). There is a nice alfresco seating area where one can relax and watch the sunset (while tilting back a cool crisp Apsara lager) or an indoor area that can accommodate larger groups. The bar itself sits half way between. They have all seven our beer on tap.


Q & M will be the first place to get our new beer limited addition beer - Pitaya Rose
(after the opening ceremony of the World Gourmet Summit on April 19th). We brewed Pitaya Rose especially for the World Gourmet Summit. It will feature the rare Nelson Sauvine hops (imported from New Zealand and whose aroma has been described as "breathtaking with overtones of Sauvingnon Blanc and hints goosebeerries" ), Galangal, and the fresh squeezed juice of (the also fairly rare) red Malaysian Dragon Fruit (ay, dun make fun, was very hard to find two cartons of these buggahs). The flavors, aroma and color are unique - they are unlike any I have ever tasted - and good (Whoa!)

And while we are on the subject if you are a foodie you should check out the World Gourmet Summit with Archipelago Pitaya Rose featured throughout the month of events.

Red Dragon Fruit in the field

So come down to the Queen and Mangosteen in Vivo city, have a nice cool handcraftted beer, Try one of my favorite bites - like the juicy Wagu beef mini burgers or the delicious minced Thai basil beef, sit back relax and enjoy the sunset of just watch all the people stroll by on the water front. If I see you there I will buy you a beer.


At 10:08 PM, Blogger Preeti Mittal said...

Nice pub. Q & M. I loved the atmosphere and & enjoyed drink & pub services.
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