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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Makan Madness (part 2)

The meal shown here; Duck Rice (a personal favorite of mine) is offered as an example of just how tasty and inexpensive a meal in Singapore can be. This meal consists of a nice portion of succulent roast duck, special "duck rice", a boiled egg, gravy, cucumber, cilantro, a small bowl of soup, and hot sauce* - all for the price of $2.50 SGD or about $1.70 USD (the diet coke is an extra $1.10 SGD). Most Singaporeans prefer Chicken Rice over Duck rice and you may hear lengthy discussions about who has the best chicken rice in town. Should there ever be a consensus of who has the best chicken rice (an unlikely event) you will undoubtedly find a long queue (line) in front of that shop as people await their chance to try the best.

Queuing (or standing in line) is a Singaporean fascination that I have not been able to crack yet. There seem to be several differeing theories - but we will leave that for another post.

Anyway, for my money ($2.50 SGD) I'll take Duck rice over Chicken rice any day - but hey, that's just me. Try them both and see for yourself.

*(Sambal, or some sort of hot sauce, is a part of almost any meal here and Singaporeans have been know to take their favorite sambal or sauce with them when they travel abroad as they (rightfully so) perceive some other countries food to be .... just a bit too bland)