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Friday, June 27, 2008

Sunday Session

This post is for all you folks who live in Singapore or are planning to visit some time in the near future (although it may have some interest for other beer people as well). When I first moved here I was tasked with finding places where I thought our beers might do well (a rough job I'm tell'en U), so I scoured the island, I went hither and yon. And now have been to most places worth having a beer (a few still elude me - but I am working on it). During the course of my investigations I (only naturally) found a few that I liked more than others, places that fit my sensibilities*, and I hoped that we could get our beers on at most of them.

One of my favorites was the Prince of Wales (POW). Tucked away in Singapore's Little India district it is a comfortable little pub with a backpacker's hotel above it. Malcolm (the owner) is an Aussie and thus the pub has a bit of that flavor to it. Malcolm is an entrepreneur and independent thinker and he does all his own grass roots marketing. He gives discounts to all the teachers in Singapore, he give discount to Singapore Home Brew club members**, and he puts on a great weekly "Sunday Session". The Sunday session is an Australia tradition where people meet up early at the pub, have a few beers, grab a bit to eat, listen to music and by dinner time you are home and ready for bed.

And the POW's Sunday session is not too different. They have a great beer special (Archipelago Samui for $6.00 a glass), free steak sandwiches, free live music and a lucky draw some more. Plus there is a nice outdoor section to hang out in or you can be a chill indoors with some aircon action. I mean what more could you want?

So if you have not been down to the Prince of Wales (and their Sunday Session) - check it out !

*Check here for good places -
** Singapore Home Brew Club members not only get to meet once a month to discuss beer and brewing they also get discounts at the following bars: Archipelago (Circular Rd), The Beer Club, Brewerkz (all locations- Riverside, Indoor Stadium, Bukit Timah, T3), Cafe Iguana,,, Lot Stock & Barrel, Paulaner, Prince of Wales, The PumpRoom, RedDot, The Archipelago Straits (Far East SQ.), and Wine Garage. Discount varies. check out -
*** Above photo by Larry Flynn