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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hong Kong, San Fransico, Eugene, Portland, Singapore

So many places to go - so little time

In July I did a bit of traveling. It was all rather fortuitous. It was mostly preparing for my new job with Anderson Valley Brewing Company in Nothern California. I felt I needed to get back and re-invigorate some of my connections to the North American (read Left Coast) brewing scene. Our biggest market is in San Francisco - so I thought I better go visit friends (and bars) there, get re-aquainted with the people and the kind of beers I would be "facing" in the near future.

I love San Francisco - a beautiful city, nice climate, quirky people, lotsa funky bars and great beers (whats not to like). The best Beer bar (maybe in the world) is there - The Toronado + one of my favorite beer gardens in town- The ZeitGeist

For details about SF bars and such

The Oregon Brewer's Festival was at the end of July and Portland Oregon is a good market for us - so I thought I had better visit there too (for the same reasons + see brewer friends).

When you vist Portland - be prepared to be blown away by beer. There are literally too many good breweries, beers and bars to mention them all - but to mention one; Ron Gansberg of Cascade brewery and barrel age beers - WOW, you gotta check out their new place on S.E Belmont (across from Green Dragon brewery - also good beers). If you are lucky enough to try some of Ron's barrel aged beers - they will blow your mind.

Also check out Stump Town Coffee (owned by Duane Sorenson; one of the best coffe roasters in the world - literally)

Since my Mum lives in Eugene Oregon, well, I thought I had better stop in there too (+ it is also a pretty good market for us). Visit the Beer Stein on 11th, they have a HUGE selection of bottled beers (the biggest I have ever seen)

And then there was Hong Kong - I had never been. The SIA flight passed right through there - why not stop over. So I did.

Hong Kong is a cool city, very Blade Runner-esk. There can be little doubt that Ridley Scott visited HK before he made Blade Runner. It was eeire how much it felt like the movie looked. I wandered aimlessly, saw a lot of cool stuff, ate often and sweat a lot (it was hot Hot hot). The food was nice, but not so much the people. The trolleys were great, but not so much the taxis. The bars were fun (esp. The Wanch - good bands, no cover and Sunday night is crazy before 22:00). I got a hair cut (I advise against it if you are a Qweilo (鬼佬) and dun speak Cantoneese - I am sure I explained wrong what I wanted) All in all a really good trip (well, except that hair cut).

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

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